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In the first stage of the process we learn a lot about each other. I will learn more about your business, the outcomes that you want to achieve and your budget.

We will discuss the various options that can be provided to help you achieve these outcomes.

You will get to find out a lot more about the whole process, the facilities that are available, depth of experience and forward looking nature.



Following on from the consultation, ideas will be collected and a proposal will be produced for you.

This will not only detail the video production but will also look at the various delivery methods that are available to best reach your target audience.


Once you have agreed the proposal, work gets under way. The production process planning will begin with the focus being on the agreed delivery date. This will include research, script writing, story boarding, arranging locations and initial work on any graphics or animations.


This is where the magic happens and all the elements are bought together. You will be involved in the review process at various stages and be kept up to speed.


This is where the live action filming takes place. This could be on location, in the studio, interviews with clients - whatever is required for the project.


We have our video! At this final stage I can help you to achieve the maximum impact by working with you to ensure that it is delivered in the best ways to reach your target audience.

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